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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Drawing the Blog to a Close

I haven't posted in awhile, mostly due to the fact that I've been  busy  with my new family and settling in comfortably to a new routine.  Partly, I've been deciding what to do with my blog. 

Since we've been home from China, it's like Nevin has been here from day one.  It took him only three nights to turn his cicadian clock around to our time-- sleeping from 8pm to 8:30 am, with an hour nap in the afternoon.  It took about a week for him to stop from panicking if I left the room into another.  It took about one day to be drawn to Heather and Dylan, and Dylan may I add, loves Nevin wholeheartedly.  Heather, well... she does love him, but between Nevin and Heather exists a true sibling rivalry...although they share a bath every night, and she does adore him.  He is more jealous of Heather than Dylan, and I'm currently attempting to curb his biting of his sister when I give her attention.  It seems to be working, despite his objections and sobbing when I do so.

The new routine didn't take long for the entire family to adjust.  What amazes me is how Dylan has taken this entirely different role than I had anticipated!  He has become a responsible little man-- offering to lend a hand, wanting to feed Nevin a bottle, fetching a wipe here and a kleenex there, being a spy and feeding Mummy information.  He has also decided to keep his room clean, and bringing his dirty dishes to the sink-- something I had never imagined. Nevin sees Dylan as a role model and playmate. He sees Heather as a playmate, but competition.

We all love our Nevin, and the grandparents are now able to start their bonding with their new grandson. 

David and I watched the three of our kids in the tub together tonight, and can't believe how long ago China feels.  When we were there, it felt like an eternity to be away from home.  But now, it just feels like another blip in our life line.  

We watched them all stand up in the tub, and I couldn't believe the stretch of Dylan, who will be five in just nine days. I said to David, "Do you remember that little man in the bath seat at the old farm house, having baths all by himself, and how tiny he looked?"  I've just recently put away a pile of clothes that are too small for him, as I did Heather and now Nevin...who is barely squeezing into his 18 month clothes.

Eight years ago, we were uncertain if we could have a family. And here we are,  adoring our three children splashing in the tub.

Which brings me to a encounter yesterday while picking up Nevin's portraits.  The woman who was ringing my order up, looked at Nevin and put two and two together. She asked me, "How long have you had him?"  I wasn't certain how to answer her as I felt a tad bit uncomfortable the question.  I answered politely, " He's been my son for over six weeks now."

She shook her head, and I thought for a moment she was disapproving, but she became slightly emotional and said, "You are a super, super human being for doing what you did." 

I didn't know how to respond.  I thought, "REALLY?"  I said thank you and left but was scratching my head.....

David and I are not super, super human beings for adopting this little man.  Anyone can adopt.  We are not special people, no more special than anyone reading this blog.  It doesn't take a special kind of person to adopt.  There is a place in everyone's heart to open to an orphaned or needy child. You just may never tap into it.  But if you do, there is one orphan in this world who will be happy that you will. 

If anyone is the super, super human being it's Nevin. And Dylan.  And Heather.

And so, I will draw this particular blog to a close.  It was in fact, a travel blog through our adoption journey to Nevin. It was something I wanted to blog for Nevin, particularly. 

I will be starting a new blog, a personal blog on myself, motherhood, and plans for my career after being a stay at home Mom (SAHM).  If you are interested in following along, please leave a comment or email me, and I will add you to my list.

I thank you all for following along this incredible journey.

And now, on with our life.
My first day at the park in my new home town!


Christy and Kevin said...

I would love to stay connected so we can keep our boys up to date as they grow. Please let me know to we can stay in touch. We are on Facebook under :
Christy McCall(Kevin)
if you are on there, and you have our email address. Take care. We are going to continue Keaton's blog for a while as we also plan to adopt one more baby next year and start the process in Feb. There should be continuous activity on ours for at least the next year. Please keep up and show Nevin Keaton's pics. Keaton gets so excited when he sees all of the other babies pics on their blogs.

stacy said...

I'd love to keep up too... I can't wait to watch all of these kiddos grow! Can you send me the new blog? If you can't get my email off IM yahoo, leave a comment on my blog.

I enjoyed this blog. I, too, feel weird and don't know how to respond when people talk about what a "great thing we did". I usually just say that we are lucky and happy that things worked out this way. If you come up with a good catch phrase, let me know!